The Language and Reality of Time

Oxford University Press 2006

Metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind



Papers (selection)

The Double Lives of Objects:

An Essay in the Metaphysics of the Ordinary World

Oxford University Press 2015


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The Sense of Temporal Flow: A Higher-Order Account

Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies + pdf +

Experiencing Change: Extensionalism, Retentionalism, and Marty”s Hybrid Account

Forthcoming in G. Bacigalupo and H. Leblanc (eds.), Anton Marty and Contemporary Philosophy,

Palgrave Macmillan. + pdf +

The Sense and Reality of Personal Identity

Erkenntnis (online September 2017) + pdf +

Memory-based Personal Identity without Circularity

In V. Buonomo (ed.) The Persistence of Persons: Studies in the Metaphysics of Personal Identity

over Time (2017), 117-34. + pdf +

Metaphysical Ambitions in the Ontology of Objects

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (Symposium on T. Hofweber’s Ontology

and the Ambitions of Metaphysics) 94 (2017): 481-87. + pdf +

Die Natur der Zeit

Handbuch Metaphysik (ed. M. Schrenk), Stuttgart/Weimar: Metzler (2017) + pdf +


Handbuch Metaphysik (ed. M. Schrenk), Stuttgart/Weimar: Metzler (2017) + pdf +

Pluralism and Determinism

Journal of Philosophy 111 (2014), 135-150. + pdf +

Mereological Indeterminacy: Metaphysical But Not Fundamental

In K. Akiba and A. Abasnezhad (eds.) Vague Objects and Vague Identity:

New Essays on Ontic Vagueness (2014), 25-42. + pdf +

Vague Objects and the Problem of the Many

In Metaphysica: Special Issue on Vagueness and Ontology (2013), 211-223.  + pdf +

Ordinary Objects in the Relativistic World

Chronos: Proceedings of the Philosophy of Time Society XI (2010-2011), 28-61. + pdf +

The Paradox of Fission and the Ontology of Ordinary Objects

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 85 (2012), 594-623. + pdf +

Compatibilism about Coincidence

Philosophical Review 119 (2010), 273-313. + pdf +

Many as One

Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 5, ed. Dean Zimmerman, (2010), 145-179. + pdf +

Identity in 4D

Philosophical Studies 140 (2008), 179-95. + pdf +

Temporal Predication with Temporal Parts and Temporal Counterparts

Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81 (2003), 355-368. + pdf +

Temporal Parts and Complex Predicates

Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 102 (2002), 279-286. + pdf +